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Jasmine Davis/Hananiah



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Shalom family and friends and thank you for visiting our website. Our goal for the Hananiah Project is to assist the parents in the teaching of Torah by creating music, stories, activities and more.

Our aim is to help start the conversation, encourage the young and normalize the righteous lifestyle to the newly awakened generation.

Yah has blessed me with many talents and skills that I’m able to exercise through this ministry to be a blessing to our comminity. Right now, the Hananiah Project consist of only my husband A. Hananiah, who runs the website, the shop and acts as my editor, and myself, serving as the creator and performer of the music, art, stories and content. We are proud of this work and are continuously amazed by the many lives that have been blessed through this ministry that Yah has intrusted to us, and we are honored to be of service to Yah and his people.

It is a great labor, but it is a labor of love and we have been blessed through viewers like you that have sent encouraging words, donations and support enabling us to continue this great work. Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you. 

Keep us in your prayers and please continue to support the Hananiah Project. 




Jasmine Hananiah

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